Looe Bay at Dusk

Lite-bites and other tales

I love writing.  I hope you love reading.  I love writing novels and I love writing ‘shorts’, but most of all, I’ve discovered Flash Fiction.  Never saw the point of it before and thought, either write a proper story or don’t bother.  Well, I had news for me.  Flash Fiction tales ARE proper stories.  They have a beginning, a middle and an end, only they are bite-sized little tales.

100-word Flash Fiction

I then went on to discover an amazing site, Friday Flash Fiction.  A place where they truly put the word ‘flash’ into Flash Fiction. Check it out.

Every week, most of us regulars write a story.  What’s the challenge?  Ah, there’s the thing! It must be a story with a beginning, middle  and end, and it must be written in a 100 words or less.  You can even give it a go yourself.  Check out the submission guidelines and start writing.

Every week, as a blog, I publish one of these stories.  See the Writing blog on the right.  Or you can scroll down to the archives for each of the blogs I write.