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Computers for the Very Indifferent

Fed up with ‘computer geek-speak’ and jargon but you need to USE the blessed things?  Bet you’ve called computers worse than that, but anyway, you’ve come to the right place.

Consider this your transition from computers for the totally indifferent to ‘yeah, what WAS the problem?’  Here is your first blog – or you can access it from the right-hand panel on the Home page.

Good Night Irene

I’ve found that trying to write three different blogs to a high enough standard is extremely time consuming, so as my last IT Matters blog says, ‘Good Night Irene‘.

All previously written IT Matters blogs will still be found under the archives bottom right but, unless something ‘computer-ish’ really annoys me or inspires me, that is the last IT article.   Links will still direct you to most pages, but the quizzes will expire after a while.

But keep up-to-date with Eliza Cottage and Air BnB and also with the ‘tall short tales’ – the 100 word stories on the Lite Bites blogs.

But First…

The links I give on the site, I give in good faith and therefore I take no responsibility for any adverse results should you click on text or a graphic that acts as a link to another site.

If you are concerned, close the Window – click the Close button () – if you find yourself in a window or a site in which you are not comfortable. Push comes to shove, switch the computer off – but be aware, you may lose unsaved work in other applications.

No site or company is personally recommended – they are simply places where you may (or you may not) get more help.

The links I mainly use with this blog are specifically from a free online encyclopedia called Wikipedia. As far as ‘trustworthy information’ goes, Wikipedia is probably the best one. Founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger (and others) in… but hey, click on the links to find out more. Oh yes, and there’s the BBC (in the UK) but I don’t know the news channels in other countries to be able to comment.

This series is specifically about PCs (Personal Computers) and Windows 10 and not about Apple Mac.