Eliza Cottage

‘Eliza Cottage’ – where Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

And that is when the Ancient Ones began to build what would become my beloved cottage, home and also my refuge.  Eliza – although she wasn’t called that, way back, as I changed the name when I bought ‘her’ twenty years ago.  And in that time I’ve renovated her, deserted her for a seven year sojourn in Switzerland, came back and renovated her again.  Eliza is probably the oldest building on ‘the hill’ and, in a town that has sixteenth and seventeenth century houses and pubs coming out of its ears, it is no mean feat.  So, welcome to Eliza Cottage – where Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones.  The last major renovation is now finished and ‘she’ is ready to welcome you.

A winding stone staircase, bronze shields and even ‘Sir Galahad’ to light your way, the garden with a beautifully laid out patio starts level to the roof.  You would expect no less at Hogwarts.  The burnished bronze shields would grace any of the sets of Game of Thrones.

The Looe Music Festival, AKA Looe Live

Don’t forget to check out the Looe Live event this September.  Fab music, great atmosphere and amazing scenery.

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Now Sleeps Four

There’s a second listing on the Air BnB site, both for Eliza Cottage. Use one if you want to book for two people, use the other one if you want to book for up to four people.

So, why 2 listing?

The way Air BnB works, it’s easier to have 2 separate listings depending on whether you want to book for two people or four.

A big old girl

She’s  a big old girl, with five bedrooms, the cosy attic bedroom leading out to a spacious sitting room, perfect for guests to chill after a long day of relaxing at the beach or exploring Cornwall.

What about that stained glass?

Fabulous, isn’t it?  All the stained glass was created by Richard from Artline, who took the woolly words I used to describe what I wanted and turned them into beautiful items of stained glass art.  Here are his original designs for the ‘twin dragons’.  He also created the bespoke and personalised bathroom mirrors.  A stained glass genius, in my opinion.

Air B&B

The work is finally finished, I am ready to welcome guests, strictly through Air B&B, to the twin bed attic room with it’s own cosy lounge, guest bathroom downstairs on the first floor (carefully labelled The Loo in Looe – oh, suit yourselves!).

Sadly, the house is not suitable if you have mobility  issues as the guest rooms are at the top of two winding sets of stairs and even the downstairs areas are a  series of little up and down steps.

I share the house with my son, Dan and sleepy, elderly Willow, a rescued little black cat.  I like dogs, although I don’t have one.  However, I would welcome one well-behaved dog – as long as s/he was good with cats and kind to poor, old Willow.