IT Matters – Privacy; people don’t care (yes they do)

You may have gathered I’m totally ‘anti’ the way big business stalks individuals.  Read on…

IT Matters

Advertising on web pages

We are used getting everything for free.  Do you stop to ask yourself ‘what price do we pay for ‘free”?  Would you search half as much as you do if you had to pay, say, 10 pence a search?  Even one pence a search?  “What, pay for searching?  No way!” most people cry.  Fact of life, nothing on this earth is free, there is always payback of some sort.  I provide a free website – I hope you enjoy it – but I make no money from it.  It’s something I do in my spare time and I enjoy it.  I have a full-time job which pays the bill, so currently, this is a hobby.  One day this may change, and I’ll accept adverts but I promise, you will not be tracked.  Most people don’t have this luxury and their website needs to make money – they too have bills to pay.  So, adverts on ‘free’ web pages and search pages are fair game, I think.

So why are you whinging about it, Fliss?

Adverts I don’t like but I accept them as the price I pay for ‘free’ internet.  What I think is immoral and should be made illegal is the way data is gathered by the big companies – from Google to Amazon – and profiles built of everyone for their precious demographics.  And some sell your data, not just to the highest bidder, but again and again and again.  Then you are electronically stalked by online advertising agencies.  You look up cheap cement for Uncle Bill and your search is stored by the search engine (e.g Google, Bing, etc.), including the special IP address of your computer.  Suddenly adverts on quick drying cement are gracing your screen.  And this is without even having to register with your email address.  The search engine that doesn’t do this is DuckDuckGo.

People would rather have’free’ and be tracked

Not so.  According to DuckDuckGo, people are beginning to realise the extension of the intrusion and are beginning to wake up to the fact that they can do something.  Yes, when they know about it, people care.

IT Trivia Quiz – just for fun

The IT Trivia Quiz, is still open.  No prizes but have a go, just for fun.  You can review your answers and see what you got right or wrong at the end of the quiz when you have clicked on the Submit button.  Having submitted your answers, click on View Results.

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