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Duck-duck-go in fact – the search engine that doesn’t track you.  The more I read about it, the more I use Duck-duck-go as as a search engine, the more I like it.  I’ve even subscribed to their newsletters which are fun and definitely interesting.  All this, of course, is merely my opinion.

But you do know that Google, Bing, Yahoo, et al track your every search, store the information and generally sell it for advertising purposes, don’t you?  I started to get on my soapbox about it on my Cookie Monsters blog.

Google Incognito

Have you ever used Google Incognito?  Keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] [Shift] [n].  This is what Google Support has to say on the subject.

Clear?  As mud?  Here is a less biased and far more ‘in Englishwrite-up from Surf-Easy.  At first they seem to say the same as Google Support, but read on.  Surf-easy are a company that produce ‘tracking blockers’ but nevertheless have given an unbiased report.

Short answer:  Google Incognito helps to secure data from other people using your computer.  It does not stop you being tracked.

As Duck-duck-go say, using Incognito is like putting out a raging fire with a bucket.  But read the Duck-duck-go blog for yourself.

But my password keeps me safe, right?

Seriously?  No.  See my missive on keyloggers and the like in How safe is your computer?  When you’ve read it, use the Back button to return to this blog.

I might have mentioned this, but I’m getting rather fond of The Duck.  Their Privacy Myth-busting No. 2 blog will cheerfully put paid to that idea AND give you hints and tips on how to protect yourself.

Important Note:

Any links given are given in good faith and no responsibility is taken for any adverse results should you click on text or a graphic that acts as a link to another area. If you are concerned, close the Window –   in the top left-hand corner of the window – if you find yourself in a window or a site in which you are not comfortable. Push comes to shove, switch the computer off – but be aware, you may lose unsaved work in other applications.

No site or company is personally recommended – they are simply places where you may (or you may not) get more help.

Many of the links in this blog are specifically from a free online encyclopedia called Wikipedia. As far as ‘trustworthy information’ goes, Wikipedia is probably the best one. Founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger (and others) in… but hey, click on the links to find out more. Oh yes, and there’s the BBC (in the UK) but I don’t know the news channels in other countries to be able to comment.

This series is specifically about PCs (Personal Computers) and Windows 10 and not about Apple Macs.

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