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So, I’m back in gear and submitting regularly to Friday Flash Fiction (see below).

Remember, the challenge in Friday Flash Fiction stories (link at the bottom) is to write a story in one hundred words or less.  Not prose, but a proper story with a beginning, middle and end and in writing these stories, it teaches you brevity.  For details on how to submit your own stories, scroll down, but first, your lite-bite for this week, called ‘Back to Front‘ but could also be called ‘Frustration‘.

Back to Front

The potential customer looked her straight in the eye.  “But, why not?”

“I’m sorry, it’s not quite what I’m looking for.”

“But, I’D BE YOUR CUSTOMER!  You would take money from me – effectively.”

“I know.  I’m sorry, but no.”

Jim shrugged and sighed.  “OK, well, thank you for considering me as your client.”

He walked out and went to the café across the road.  As he sat down, Jim stirred his tea and read through his manuscript.  “I know it’s a great book!  Are literary agents the only class of business-people who choose or dismiss their ‘customers’?”

Guess what kind of email I’d received that day?

Yes, another rejection letter from an an agent and it got me to thinking – are literary (and performing arts) agents the only ones who pick and choose their clients?  With hundreds of submissions a month coming into their Inboxes, I get why they do it, I really do, but from my end of the telescope, it is still frustrating.

Friday Flash Fiction

Friday Flash Fiction, a great site for micro-fiction, sets us a weekly challenge, to write a story in 100 words or less. I generally manage to rise to my weekly challenge, and I’ve started to produce a piece of work every week again.  I boo-booed on the title which should be ‘The Triplets‘ but, bad editing, I didn’t remove the previous week’s title.  Oh well, lesson learned, proofread properly!

Why don’t you give it a go and submit a story?  Only a hundred words maximum, but do make sure it is no more than that.

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