Eliza Cottage – Looe THE Wedding Venue

I don’t know what it is about Looe (apart from the fact that it’s a magical place), but so many of my guests have come to stay for friends’ weddings.

Looe Bay at Dusk

Why Looe?

Apart from the obvious beauty of the place I don’t know, although little St Nicholas’ church nestled right by the river on the quay, next to the quaintly named ‘Mally’s Shed’, is a fab place for your wedding ceremony. I love that little church and it has memories and stories for me reaching back to my first birthday when I took my first faltering steps in Looe.

My Grandma (known to her grandchildren as ‘Dandy’ and to the rest of Looe (back in the day) as ‘Matron Tuckett’) ran the nursing / maternity home, The Dawn’, perched high atop the Hannafore, was a regular church-goer and St Nick’s was her parish church.  So, my memories of this little church stretch back into the annals of my personal history when we used to go to St Nick’s on Sundays and sit in her pew.  Yes, she had her own pew and that very pew has an inscription dedicated  to her  – check it out, ‘Beatrix Maud Tuckett’.

The Hannafore Point Hotel is a great wedding venue and, as it overlooks Looe Bay, the view is second to none.

Looe Bay from The Hannafore

Talland Bay

Another great wedding venue is the Talland Bay Hotel, set in two acres of wonderful sub-tropical gardens over looking the stunning Talland Bay. What better place for a spring or autumn wedding (most of the summer stretches over the school holidays and would be horrendously busy).

Bookings for Eliza Cottage

Bookings for:

Cars and parking

They didn’t build garages back in 1492.  It is safe to pull up outside to unload then, when you’ve finished, park on the quay (pay and display).  Note that between the hours of 18:30 and 08:00 (that’s 6.30 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. the following morning) parking is charged at £1.50.  You can pay for parking online.

Tall People

The Cornish of old were not tall.  I am descended from them.  A word of warning for tall people, there are low ceilings and even lower doorways throughout the cottage.


Where would you stay?  In The Land of Isanor, a twin-bedded room in the attic with its ancient beams, probably dating back to the 1300s (when they were still floating around in French or Spanish ships).  Small area to hang clothes and your own chest of drawers.

‘The Land of Isanor’

Step out of Isanor and into the Pigeon Loft, the guests’ private sitting room, with a wood burner (electric!) to make it extra-cosy.

The ‘Pigeon Loft’

Like an ancient foot solider, defending the castle you would climb the first flight of wooden stairs to the first floor, turn right and take the first right up the circling stone steps to the Pigeon Loft.

Stone Stairs looking down

The guests’ bathroom is on the floor below (on the first floor) as the family use the en-suite bathroom in The Book Room.

‘The Loo in Looe’

Bed AND breakfast?

A voucher will be supplied per person, per number of nights for ‘breakfast at Jake’s’ (AKA The Tasty Corner) up to the value of £5.00 to put towards food (but I do recommend the breakfast).  You can certainly get a filling ‘something on toast’ and a hot drink for that price.

Bed linen and towels supplied, tea, coffee facilities in your room.  Breakfast at Jake’s, except on Monday, that is, when the cafe is shut.  Then you get a buffet, serve yourself breakfast of cereal, toast, orange juice and tea or coffee, all in Eliza’s cosy kitchen.

Eliza’s cosy kitchen


An old house, a beautiful house but not without challenges.  You need to not only climb stairs easily, but also be comfortable with the different levels on each story, frequently a step or two to climb or descend.

There is nothing level about Eliza.  The garden too is quaintly unusual, as it starts at roof level, reached by a flight of stone garden stairs.

Patio and View

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