IT Matters – And Goodnight Irene

A bit dramatic, the title but for various reasons, I shall stop the IT side of my blogs…

IT Matters

So, why ‘good night Irene?

Absolutely nothing to do with and a lot less melancholy than the 1930s song, Good Night, Irene, I’ve decided to make this the last IT Matters blog, certainly on a regular basis.  I may write the occasional missive on the subject of ‘computers’, but that will only be if something truly annoys me or something really inspires me- like using DuckDuckGo as your search engine.

The previous blogs will remain where they are in perpetuity as will any of the documents with links.  The quizzes will all have a sell-by date and will ‘break’ after a while.

But why stop?

Brutally honest?  Trying to keep three decent blogs going is hugely time consuming and I’m going to concentrate on Eliza Cottage and Air BnB (the English pedant in me HATES putting an ‘n’ in the middle when it should be ‘&’ but technically, you can’t, with very few exceptions, use punctuation and other special characters,  in Internet links).


The other important blog which also took a dive this summer with various work pressures, is Lite-Bites, which showcases my flash fiction writing and where I’ll post updates on my novel which is in the last stages of editorial review.  However, time has been freed up to work on my writing again.

Thanks for stopping by, but I hope you continue to follow Lite-Bites and Eliza Cottage and, if you fancy a holiday in lovely Cornwall, check out Eliza Cottage – all Air BnB details found on that page or in the blogs.

Important Note:

Any links given are given in good faith and no responsibility is taken for any adverse results should you click on text or a graphic that acts as a link to another area. If you are concerned, close the Window –   in the top left-hand corner of the window – if you find yourself in a window or a site in which you are not comfortable. Push comes to shove, switch the computer off – but be aware, you may lose unsaved work in other applications.

No site or company is personally recommended – they are simply places where you may (or you may not) get more help.

Many of the links in this blog are specifically from a free online encyclopedia called Wikipedia. As far as ‘trustworthy information’ goes, Wikipedia is probably the best one. Founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger (and others) in… but hey, click on the links to find out more. Oh yes, and there’s the BBC (in the UK) but I don’t know the news channels in other countries to be able to comment.

This series is specifically about PCs (Personal Computers) and Windows 10 and not about Apple Macs.

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