Lite-bites – Missing in Guatemala


Fancy writing a short non-fiction piece for a writing competition?  And at the same time help to celebrate Earth Day which reminds us that this is humanities shared home.  For your story, imagine you are in a Central American country (somewhere south of Mexico) and your friends are missing.  What would your thoughts be?  Read this week’s lite-bite story.

Remember, the challenge in Friday Flash Fiction stories (link at the bottom) is to write a story in one hundred words or less.  Not prose, but a proper story with a beginning, middle and end and in writing these stories, it teaches you brevity.  For details on how to submit your stories, scroll down, but first, your lite-bite for this week.

Missing in Guatemala

“Have you seen them?” call Rosa-Marià, as she joined us in the sweltering sun.

“Billy and Harry should be here by now,” countered Dorothy, glancing at her watch.

“Widen the search-area,” I instructed.

We duly fanned out and continued looking.

“Found them?” I shouted as Rosa-Maria approached.

Shaking her head, she called out to Dorothy.  “Any luck?”

“No.  What are we going to do?  Their mobile phones are dead.”

Someone had to take charge.  I stepped forward firmly.

“We’ll go to the bar by ourselves, girls.  If they can’t make it on time for ‘Happy Hour’, that’s their problem.”

Guatemala 2017

It was a fabulous holiday in off-the-beaten-track Guatemala and the story was inspired by a 3-day sojourn in The Hotel Dos Mundos (Monterrico) resort by the side of the Pacific Ocean.  Although I’d lived ten miles from the Pacific, my mother (who didn’t like beaches in the first place) had declared Pacific beaches to be full of ‘horrible black, volcanic sand and the Humboldt Current was far too dangerous, and refused to allow me to go, with or without her.  It then took several decades and a school reunion to get me to this fabulous place (if you like beaches).  Mother was right in so far as the sands were black, but so, so wrong that it was horrible.  The black sand sparkled as if a million tiny diamonds had been scattered over its surface.  Make sure you take beach shoes to walk to the water’s edge.  By eight o’clock on a January morning, the sand was too hot to walk upon barefooted.

Friday Flash Fiction

Friday Flash Fiction, a great site for micro-fiction, sets us a weekly challenge, to write a story in 100 words or less. I generally manage to rise to my weekly challenge, and I’ve started to produce a piece of work every week again.  This week’s story is called ‘Tall Tales from an Old Teacher‘.

Yes, it is autobiographical and a teacher really did to that and somehow it was my fault.  Names and identities have been changed to protect the downright dumb.

Why don’t you give it a go and submit a story?  Only a hundred words maximum, but do make sure it is no more than that.

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