IT Matters – DuckDuckGo – DuckDuckWent (to the US Senate)

Just in case you’ve missed it, I am a big fan of DuckDuckGo, the alternative Search Engine to Google and Bing that does seem to value your privacy.  Read on…

IT Matters

So why did DuckDuckGo talk to senators?

Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of DuckDuckGo was invited to testify in front of the US Senate on the 13 March 2019 on the matter of privacy on the internet, and the impact it would have on business.

As I banged on in my previous post, I am not against advertising on the internet per se, but I totally object to being ‘stalked’ and my personal details gathered and sold to a myriad of marketing companies.  In his testimony, Weinberg stated that, adhering to decent standards of privacy can actually generate more revenue, as it has done for DuckDuckGo.

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