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Firstly, I found a short story competition and you can scroll down for more details.  Secondly, it couldn’t have got much colder, not in Cornwall, anyway.  Remember the weather we got at this time last year…?  Fortunately, in the south-west, we only got hit by it in February and March.  Other parts of the country were hit for a lot longer.  In memory of that bitterly cold snap, here’s this week’s story.

Remember, the challenge in Friday Flash Fiction stories (link at the bottom) is to write a story in one hundred words or less.  Not prose, but a proper story with a beginning, middle and end and in writing these stories, it teaches you brevity.  For details on how to submit your stories, scroll down, but first, your lite-bite for this week.

The Winds of Change

“But we were expecting a lion!” they gasped.  “Bahhhh…”  They turned. “And the sheep’s almost here,” they added.

“Well, you got me,” she hissed, cold green eyes staring at them.

“Are you albino with you being so pale and all that?”

A low noise emanated from the back of her throat; she was definitely not purring.  “I’m a white tiger from the Steppes of Siberia.”

“But March always comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb…”

“And this year, you got the Beast from the East.  Now, where’s that lamb?” She licked her lips slowly.

The Weather, February and March 2018

This story was written last year when we were hit by that ridiculously cold weather, dubbed The Beast from The East.

Friday Flash Fiction

Friday Flash Fiction, a great site for micro-fiction, sets us a weekly challenge, to write a story in 100 words or less. I generally manage to rise to my weekly challenge, and I’ve started to produce a piece of work every week again.  This week’s story is called ‘Otto and Mandy‘ and from whence it came and dropped into my head, I do not know.  It’s an odd duck, as my Auntie Nette would’ve said.

Why don’t you give it a go and submit a story?  Only a hundred words maximum, but do make sure it is no more than that.

Bristol Short Story Competition…

This one is not free but you may be interested in entering.  It’s called the Bristol Short Story competition.  Click on the link and see if you’ like to enter.

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